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What about her?

Well it is true, Walmart DOES indeed have Season Two of Courage the Cowardly Dog. I suppose you’d have to go to one of the bigger, more active Walmart’s to find it, which is what I had to do.

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amazon, ebay , maybe at best buy and probaly at comic con

… Hm, I just looked it up on Amazon and you can pre-order it but how do some people already have the physical copy? This is weird (unless you can get the physical copy at Comic Con, I don’t know. I don’t know how cons work).

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Does season two even exist? I wasn’t able to find it either.

I’m starting to wonder that too, haha.

Where is everyne finding the Courage the Cowardly Dog Season Two DVD?

I can’t find it at my Walmart. >:(


John R Dilworth Interview 1/3 (Creator of COURAGE the Cowardly Dog)
August 12 2014

Hopeful will get the next 2 parts out in a few days

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Gifs of the episode Mother's Day?

Did you want something specific or just gifs from that episode? Because if you just wanted gifs, I’ll get to it eventually. I’m making gifs from all the episodes and I’m going in chronological order.

(FYI, I’m currently making gifs from season one and I’m on the episode “Hothead”, so if you all have anything specific you want to see, let me know?)

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Good luck!

thank you :)


This blog is about to become a little less active. I start school- college to be exact- in about two more weeks and I really need to experience it to the fullest… as everyone has told me. It’s my first year so I’m going to have to get used to the schedules, become active on the campus, hopefully get a job (?) and more importantly MAKE FRIENDS! I am going to try and still make .gifs as much as possible, or actually scratch that and put maybe as much as possible instead. They do take a while to make and they rarely get any notes and not gonna lie that is kind of important to me and it is discouraging when they rarely get notes…. so, yup. ~

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